At least that much has become apparent in the now  publicly-messy break-up that occurred on Twitter.  Over the weekend,  Kardashian took to Twitter in a blubbering rampage claiming that Chyna had left him for whatever reason.

That reason later came out to be that Robert apparently has severe mental issues that have yet to be answered to by Rob himself. Although while those claims right there may be accurate, we’ve come to the conclusion that this break-up was indeed staged.

New reports have not-so-surprisingly confirmed that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have apparently gotten back together just two days after the break-up.  In the break-up,   Kardashian claimed that Chyna had moved out of their house and took all of their belongings (including his eggos).

Now they’re claiming that Chyna has apparently agreed to talk to Rob again, although, they’re supposedly not living together for a while. Meanwhile, the Karashian sisters have apparently had enough.

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