The warrant used to kill Hillary Clinton ‘s White House Bid is unsealed

And the contents of the warrant have led to critics citing that the warrant was nothing more than a political witch-hunt to sabotage Hillary Clinton.   The warrant was famously used in the ladder end of the 2016 election in response to claims regarding Anthony Weiner ‘s laptop.

Weiner, at the time, was already under investigation for sexting an underage female (something he’s been known for as of late).  The investigation of his own was entirely unrelated to Clinton, but somehow, the FBI managed to get a warrant based on claims

The warrant reportedly contained this line that has people talking “probable cause to believe” the laptop held “evidence, contraband, fruits, and/or items illegally possessed”  which will likely lead critics to cite the FBI for clamoring onto Clinton ‘s e-mail case using nothing more than flimsy evidence.

It appears that the accusations of a witch-hunt against Clinton were indeed accurate.



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