Those photos aren’t actually Meghan Markle

Suits star Meghan Markle and presumed future Princess is in the midst of a pretty serious problem. According to reports, American media outlets are circulating what they claim are photos of Markle on the beaches of Greece in 2005.

In the photos in question,  Markle “is vacationing with what is now her ex-husband and isn’t wearing a top”.  The photos have not been confirmed and will not be shown in The Daily News e out of decency for Buckingham Palace and The Royal Family.

Sources did however tell The Daily News “The photos aren’t her.  They look nothing like Megan and you can’t even fully see if that really is her”. Meanwhile, Prince Harry is expected to make a brash announcement regarding the claims tomorrow morning,  assuming, that he already hasn’t begun to wager war against the media.

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