The morning manual of a successful person

It’s apparently the move of the wealthiest of the wealthiest, and now,  a top  CEO  has come forth to The Daily Mail revealing her tips to start a successful day ready for anything. In the Mail,  Carole Gaskell,  CEO of a popular lifestyle consulting company revealed to the mail what she and her peers do every morning to remain productive throughout the day.

The answer? The answer was actually pretty simple. According to Gaskell, taking at least three minutes a day in the morning to allow yourself a moment to “Breath; release any stress, and prepare for the day” keeps you productive throughout the entire course of the day.  This is done by apparently many top CEO’s in America who deal with stressful days every morning given their massive work loads.

The same activities are actually practiced by none other than Sultan Khan himself who takes a moment every morning to allow himself to breathe after a brief session of yoga.

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