Here’s an updated piece on what we know about that Christmas rampage in Berlin

BERLIN, GERMANY —  The Christmas carnage in Berlin has the world talking, and, it appears that the driver of the stolen  vehicle may have been an ISIS affiliate according to German news reports. Authorities now say that the death toll as of this writing stands at 12, compared to the 6 reported by The Daily News Monday evening.

Police say that the driver sped through the crowd at at least 40 MPH almost instantly killing the 12 deceased and injuring another 50.  Police did confirm that they believe they’ve now arrested the man perceived to be responsible, although, wouldn’t confirm nor deny any details about him.

The Horror in Berlin Comes at a Time in Which Turkey also saw terrorist attacks

Over the weekend, Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was assassinated by a rogue gallery attendee that was unusually well dressed. The assassin was reportedly shot dead after 15 minutes of gun fire with police in the gallery.

President Obama’s unsettling response.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama was seen in photos published Monday gleefully teeing on the golf course while terror besieged Europe and Turkey.  In a recurring pattern for the outgoing President, Obama, is often playing golf conveniently when terror attacks tend to happen around the world.

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