We’re getting in the business of opening our gargantuan news agency to the world, and now, we’re opening the door for yet another member to join our team.  We’re looking for an occasional (probably once a week or so) coming out to a total of four times a month columnist.

This position is paid (somewhere between $40-$100 a month)  as it is very minimal and is only when requested by managing editors.

As the need increases, this person will become responsible for their own column and daily topics.  We are looking for someone who can start out small but gradually work their way up the ranks within The Daily News.

You are paid for the first four articles following the completion of your first month of service to The Daily News.  We are flirting with the idea of paying the requested columnist after every two articles, but, this remains to be determined as we are hoping to see someone’s work ethic and explore a bigger possibility with that person.

Those interested must send their resumes and TWO writing samples to our Editor in Chief: Sultank91 @ [icloud.com]. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated and we WILL check your samples against plagiarism systems.

We are already aware that we are probably going to be bombarded with resumes. Please allow 24-72 hours for a response. We will do our best to respond to everybody with a yes or no.  The final 3 candidates chosen for final interviews with be tasked with a writing-style project that will be determined by SHK himself.

This position is subject to employment verification dependent on the territory in which you reside. If in the America(s) you already know how this works, and we will collect the necessary information to hire you. This position is temp-to-hire with the possibility of long-term contract.

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