For once we actually agree with @KTHopkins

The atrocities that occur on our own soil, are, at the least saddening to even write about.  Over the weekend, outspoken Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins to the pages of the Daily Mail making the case for the release of a particular sargaent jailed over a questionable situation dating back to 2011.

Sgt Alexander Blackman, in 2011, “shot” (or so appeared to have apparently shot)  a wounded Taliban fighter in Afghanistan. As Hopkin’s argued, its a wonder that our own people; our brothers, our husbands, and specifically our fathers are “hired” to do exactly what it is claimed that Blackman did: kill the enemy regardless.

Are we living in a world where the Taliban are no longer considered enemies? Perhaps in the eyes of those that may be categorized as war-mongers or those that specifically pay the Taliban to cause the problems that they create. But to normal citizens of this country, we, are humans. We are people that believe in one secular fact that remains one singular interest: a better enemy is better left dead.

One thing is for certain in the case of Sgt Blackman, that, we live in a society whereas you can sign up to do something as dangerous as ever in the military, but, either way, you are held responsible for things even if they’re in the right direction they should be. In this case, that thing, would be the death of the now infamous Taliban soldier.

Blackman has now served two years in jail over the death, but, is expected to serve more as it remains unsure whether or not bail will be granted.

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We join with the growing number of voices demanding the release of Sgt Blackman, a man, who was hired to do a job and did it: kill the enemy.

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