Georgia woman implicated in Anthony Nisbett ‘s far reaching scandal

ATLANTA, GEORGIA —   According to authorities and tax officials in New York City, a new break has been provided in Anthony Nisbetts’ case.   Officials confirmed Friday night that  a woman identified as Romelda Seabrooks has been entered into the investigation amid reports that she played a part in many of Nisbett’s crimes.

Sources close to the investigation but not authorized to speak on the matter confirmed that it is widely suspected that Romelda is largely responsible for  spearheading Nisbett’s arrival in America.   Officials subsequently confirmed that Seabrooks is “pending an investigation in Georgia for reported social security fraud related to the adoption of a child more than a decade ago”.

Social Security officials confirmed Friday evening the same situation first confirmed by opposing authorities.    The office of the Social Security Administration confirmed that they are seeking the appropriate documentation in which may prove Romelda reportedly received benefit checks for a child that was never in her care, for several years.

Police say if proven, Romelda, could face up to 10 years in prison if taken to trial and formally charged.

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