Why Anthony Nisbett ‘s mortgage records play a role in his downfall

A screen cap of mortgage records obtained by The Daily News in regards to a property owned by Anthony Nisbett.

We made it clear that we had much more to tell on the likes of Anthony Nisbett, and now, we’re doing just that.    On Saturday morning, The Daily News, further uncovered details about the fake mortgages we reported on behalf of Anthony last month.

This latest report comes amid a petition to the city of Far Rockaway and The Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church to effectively and indefinitely remove Nisbett from the church entirely.

According to financial disclosure documents from the banks involved (obtained by The Daily News), Anthony, amassed quite a bit of money from mortgages gathered from banks across New York City.   The mortgages date back to at least 1999, just a few years after  Nisbett and his reported wife Mary bought the home from a man named Frank.

The Daily News then managed to obtain the property deed on 2897 Faber Terrace in Far Rockaway.  The deed states that the home was purchased by Nisbett for literally nothing.  Now, the question we’ve posed, is why would a home that was purchased for nothing require $318,305.43? There are no records indicating that this home has been refinanced; financed, or purchased with the help of a bank loan of any kind.

The same question is now being asked by authorities who are curious where all of this money has went (“to a home that was essentially purchased for nothing”).

Property records obtained by the Daily News along with a deed for the home in question confirmed at least by what county documents have on record that the home was purchased for an effective cash-rate of $0.   The Nisbett clan reportedly purchased this home from a man named Frank per the deed for $0, although, proceeded to take out several mortgages across the state of New York to more than $318,305.43.

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These records were initially what brought on the tax-evasion investigation in the state of New York City, which, we are actively still aiding NYC authorities in participating in.



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