FOOD REVIEW: @Dominos gets surprise visit from SHK

The choking hazard in question

Pizza is probably one of the most-ordered things in our history, for parties; events, and even personal dinners. Domino ‘s given a favorite for SHK himself,  has visited Domino ‘s at least three times in the past three weeks.

All three times “They’ve been a living nightmare”.   The first time might be similar to something one would seen on an episode of a badly written cooking show.


“It was my sister’s birthday party and we opted for the Domino ‘s in  Stone Mountain off of Memorial, mostly due to the convenience.   We had a fairly simple order for a pizza, er, what we got was much more unusual’.

The choking hazard in question

What he got for his sister’s birthday party may have been something similar to something that one would find as a piece of sporting equipment in an Olympic athletic competition.

“The pizza not only had absolutely NO sauce; no cheese, it was hard and dry.  That pizza deserved a hazard caution sign because it was so dry-and-hard that nobody even wanted to eat it.  The store, and its manager Tiffany, was so rude and disrespectful that I took it upon myself to take this public and take it to those above her”.

Tiffany: “Go ahead and call corporate, we make orders as we’re supposed to. That’s how it came up on our screen”.

It was puzzling to Haleem how what is largely a legendary name in Pizza in America would claim to provide “such fire hazards” to customers.

It was a cardboard frisbee worthy of a hazard sign”.  After an epic fail of a birthday party, Khan, attempted Domino ‘s once more that same week.  Little to not-so-surprising,  he was charged for the order, but mysteriously the order was never delivered to his home.

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“I ordered it on a night binge-watching television with my family. We sat in our home waiting; waiting, and waiting.  We called the next morning for one to claim it was delivered, another, to claim it was cancelled.  We were given the run around by Tiffany (the apparent manager that night and into the next day that we’d have to call back after 5). We called back after 5, to get a whole different story, that it was cancelled that they claim they called our phones (they never did)”.

“All of this with the second order occurred on 12/8, it’s the 16th of December now.  Refunds were never given by the store itself.  Numerous calls claimed that the store had already initiated refunds and it would be given within “3-5 business days”.  But, as we learned, that was a lie”.

UPDATE:  It took Sultan Khan identifying himself  to finally get the relatively annoying members of corporate to take a note which resulted in a phone call from a lovely lady at their Franchise office who rectified the situation in a proficient manner.  Although, that Domino ‘s location still sucks balls.


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