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Amanda Knox just penned the most ridiculous essay ever

Amanda Knox just can’t quit, mostly, because she’s back in a new essay claiming women are coerced into confessions in murder trials — because they’re conditioned to please men.

Yes, you read that right.  In an essay for Broadly, the convicted and then released killer claims that “There are so many cases out there where women are wrongfully coerced into a confession”.

“The confession comes from the fact that we, women, are conditioned to please men”.

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  • VoiceofEurope

    The writings of Amanda Knox are pure nonsense.
    BTW: She didn’t confess. She willfully & consciously accused an innocent black man (Mr. Patrick Lumumba) to be a rapist and murderer. That’s the truth.

    • BooBooBaby

      She is an Evil Murderer….thats the Truth!!
      And a Racist!!

  • gb0923

    Amanda Knox is guilty plain and simple. Just because she worse nice clothes and did interviews with a book saying she is innocent doesn’t mean she isn’t guilty. She and her boyfriend’s 📱were turned off for the first time ever all night when Meredith was murdered. They were convicted of staging a break in. She was waiting for a store to open the next morning where she bought cleaning supplies. She cleaned that whole apartment.

    Her DNA was on the murder weapon which was found at her boyfriend’s house. He says that he accidentally poked Meredith with it one day- amanda had only known this guy for 4 days prior to this murder. When Rafaelle was questioned at the police station Amanda went with him and waited outside even though she hadn’t been asked to go interview. The day Meredith was murdered Amanda was doing cartwheels in the lobby of the police station and laughing as she made out with her boyfriend. Amanda falsely accused an innocent man and would have let him spend his whole life in prison had he not had a rock solid alibi. He wasn’t released for 2 weeks. She had 14 days to recant her confession.

    They say when they retested that the DNA wasnt Amanda’s/merediths – whatever. The Italians did their investigation right. Amanda was released because the Italian government didn’t want to fight with the USA. If our country hadn’t been run by liberals Amanda wouldn’t have gotten away with murder. So shut up Amanda – live the rest of your get away with murder life and stop insulting educated people on this case by saying you were coerced.

  • BooBooBaby

    I used to root for her….not anymore! I have learned awful things about her. Italy should have kept this murdering Beyotch in Prison!!