Report: More than 1B Yahoo accounts compromised

SILICON VALLEY, CALIF —  There’s troubling news coming out of Yahoo this evening. According to reports, the e-mail provider is now home to the largest e-mail hack that’s ever occurred.   Security officials now say that the hack at Yahoo that happened over the summer was much worse than thought, and that, authorities are now involved.

Yahoo claims that everything minus credit card and payment information was stolen but officials warn that with such a breach it is almost impossible to know just the extent of the information that was stolen during the hack.

Hackers have managed to become friendly with unscrambling what Yahoo calls “secure passwords”. They’ve become able to do such by comparing scrambled phrases against a huge dictionary of similar phrases.  The news has rattled Verizon Wireless, who, currently has a $4.8billion acquisition in the works to acquire the troubled search giant.

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