Judge orders Donald Trump to sit in January Deposition

Adding to the growing number of issues ready to sit on Trump ‘s plate come his rise to power in America in January. According to deposition documents published online Wednesday, Trump, has been ordered to sit in a deposition in regards to one particular celebrity chef. Per the documents,  Trump sued celeb chef Jose Andres after Trump claims he failed to adhere to a deal to cook up tasty food in a Trump restaurant/hotel in Washington D.C.

Andres had cancelled plans to become a Chef in Trump ‘s D.C establishment after those infamous comments about Mexicans during Trump ‘s campaign. Trump’s team, however, tried to hold Andres to contract regardless of the less-than-friendly comments.  Initially,  Trump ‘s team had agreed to the deposition in New York City, but, then attempted to get the deposition limited and the scope of questioning also limited.

But, Judge Jennifer A. Di Toro didn’t agree and ordered Wednesday that Trump must sit for a deposition in the first week of January. Under the ruling, he would be required to appear for a maximum of seven hours and answer whatever questioning that is presented.

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