Prime Minister Theresa May pictured in a Sunday Times interview wearing ehum those trousers. MANDATORY CREDIT: THE SUNDAY TIMES

Politics and expensive clothing are definitely a hot topic in politics around the world, and now, Prime Minister Theresa May has found herself the latest target of such topics.  Over the weekend,  Theresa May ignited fury among “Average Britons” after she appeared at a formal meeting wearing a pair of $1,265 pants (yes, a pair of pants).

May, who prided herself as a fiscal conservative in British politics, hasn’t exactly lived up to her well marketed political agenda.  Former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan apparently felt that “that was way too much for a pair of trousers. I haven’t spent that much on anything except my wedding dress”.  That comment, perhaps, drew ire considering nobody including Morgan ever chastised David Cameron and his reported $5,400 suit(s) (notice the pluralization).


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