Donald Trump invited tech’s biggest names to Trump Tower, here’s why

NEW YORK — The biggest names in tech are reportedly headed to Trump Tower for meetings with the President, although, nobody’s quite sure why or how that meeting may go down. According to reports, everybody from Netflix’s head to the head of Google is headed to the Tower to speak to Trump, largely for reasons that remain unknown.

Sheryl Sandberg, Apple’s Tim Cook, Google/Alphabet’s Larry Page, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, and Oracle’s Safra Cat are all expected to attend. However, we’ve confirmed that Jack Dorsey from Twitter; the guy we’ve never heard of from Uber, and Netflix’s Hastings will not be in attendance.

In other news, media reports are buzzing as to whether or not this could be another “Gang Up” on members of Silicon Valley similar to the “Death Sentence” that occurred with members of the media in November at Trump Tower.

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