Backpage just got off with no charges in pimping case

They’re probably the biggest and most notorious pimps in modern day, but, that doesn’t mean they’ll be facing charges for their crimes. A California judge ruled that Carl Ferrer, Michael Lacey, and James Larkin are protected under the Communications Decency Act a similar law that protects Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more websites. Wondering what that act is?  It means websites in the United States are not responsible for what third parties post on them.

The issue is that all three men knowingly edited ads that featured minors and women and allowed prostitution to take place on their websites.  Significantly profiteering from such, the trio never bothered to stop the influx of cash from their unusually-almost-illegal classified ads.

California judge Michael Bowman ruled that the previous charges against the trio were unsubstantiated because they couldn’t prove that the trio actually created any of the ads in question.

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