3  questions with Lindsay Lohan 

She could be considered the wild child of Hollywood, but then, she could also be considered a teen idol of sorts given she was once the “It” girl.  In her first 5 questions interview with The Daily News, Lohan, discussed everything from London to her new friends and her refocusing on her career.

1.  Moving to London a few years ago was a big move for you. What was that like?

It was important to me because I felt like I needed a major change of scenery. Of course I went there to work, but, when I had spent time off set I had learned so much about London. The experiences allowed me to look past the person I was and create this new self image of “Lindsay Lohan” that I hadn’t met before.

2. You’ve recently showed much support over social issues including the recent attacks in Istanbul. What are your thoughts on this?

These issues are so important to our world and that’s why I talk about them. Those attacks in Istanbul were so tragic and unfortunate, these things shouldn’t occur against innocent people. 

3. What’s next for Team Lohan? 

There are some projects in the works some small some minor. Right now, I’m really just taking the time to get to know myself <The Real Lindsay>.  This period of self reflection and focus on my life has been the most extraordinary period I’ve ever gone through. 2017 is slated to be a big year though. I can’t wait for the world to see The Shadow Within.

Lindsay is slated to return to the big screen in an upcoming box office film The Shadow Within. 

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