The terrifying reality of Donald Trump ‘s America

The reality of Donald Trump ‘s America is gleaming somewhere between a terrifying scene straight out of the Purge, and, just north of a Russian backed state West of Asian civilizations.  The fact of the matter is, perhaps, that Americans and even those abroad should be scared.  Trump has made it very clear over the course of his first month as President-Elect of America, that, he has no intentions of keeping to his many campaign promises.

Donald Trump ‘s close and awfully warm relationship with Vladamir Putin and The Kremlin should be closely examined and investigated. The intriguing report released by the CIA concluded “that Russia indeed had a hand in helping Trump become elected”.  By what means exactly, perhaps, hasn’t exactly been made public.   The most interesting fact sits within the fact itself that the day after the report was released, it, became public knowledge that a particular individual is set to be nominated as Trump ‘s Sec State.

That individual Rex Tillerson, indeed, has a close and almost terrifying relationship with Vladamir Putin. The two have not only shared a warm and close business relationship over the years,  Tillerson, opposes, almost any action against Trump all the way around.   Trump’s warming relations with Russia, and, Vladamir Putin ‘s willingness to get so close to Trump so fast — indicate — that Putin has alternative agendas of his own.

Trump, hasn’t even made it to the Oval Office yet, and now, Putin is closer to Trump than ever before.  An ally reportedly set to be nominated as Sec State (of Russia); numerous billionaires in powerful positions running America,  it could be argued that America has begun its dissent into a “terrifying portrait of corruption; dictatorship, and down right totalitarian rule”.

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More importantly, Donald Trump, can’t actually seem to maintain his relationship with honesty.  Whether that becomes an even bigger problem, pales in comparison, to his approach to “saving jobs” in a country where jobs are already a big discussion.  Trump ‘s much discussed plea and alleged bribing deal with Carrier in Indiana, led, to the Carrier reportedly announcing that they would remain in Indiana. Trump, perhaps, claimed almost entire credit for the move — but it  was later debunked by Carrier that he didn’t quite have as much reason to do with it as he had claimed.

The deal signaled to some that Trump is not afraid to step close to the boundaries of corruption and bribery.  What would an America look like whereas companies like Carrier could essentially hold an American president in their corner because he’s indecisively desperate about keeping their jobs in America? That, er, would result in companies across the economic spectrum that would essentially feel like they can “get what they want in any manner” by “holding  jobs over the Presidents head in the event he continues his unusual approach that wreaks of blackmail when it comes to situations like this”.

One of Trump ‘s biggest pleas to the American people during the election, indeed, was that he understood what it was like to be an average American. That, he, understood what it was like to be “Middle Class”and how being Middle Class held more-often-than-not burdens on those in the center of the country’s economic scale. But, his post-campaign activities and behaviors strongly indicate that alike other things — Trump was severely dishonest about such a thing.

First, his appointments to cabinet. Almost every single one of Trump ‘s cabinet appointments to this point, is, indeed, an extreme billionaire.  Betsy DeVos (and her husband of the Amway fortune) are just two names atop the growing list of the mega rich set to  now rule America with an iron-fist.  But, at what cost have Americans given Trump the White House?  An out-of-touch cabinet; a relationship with one of the world’s top dictators, and an unhealthy relationship with deception — can he be trusted?

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It’s no secret that Putin has had agendas of his own over the years, mostly, to attempt to rebuild what was once his Russian empire. With relations close to President Trump, Putin, would have it relatively easy to have governmental access to America both on a civilian level and government level. Trump ‘s willingness to approach Putin has given Putin the terrifying green light to enter America in whichever manner he deems fit.

It’s really as if Trump is like a ticking time bomb ready to set off on American soil in favor of  blood-thirsty dictators with agendas and political desires.   If Hillary Clinton was forced to face such corruption allegations and charges over her e-mail scandals, why not,  Trump also over his own corruption allegations in this situation? Anybody reading this would be gullible and in livid-denial to maintain that if Clinton had done what Trump is now partaking in, that, she would be left alone and not investigated at all.

The rapid anti-Democratic dissent America has now nosedived into leaves the future of what was once a great country, unfortunately and bleakly, unknown. America now has a leader so dutifully unhinged that he doesn’t know whether he can use big-or-small words in 140 characters or less to assail a private citizen, or simply, press the button to the nuclear launch codes that now sit in his arsenal at any given time come January.

Members of the United States Congress have now expressed interest in investigating Trump ‘s growing connection to Russia, and, whether or not it may require intervention per reports.  If this is indeed true, it, by all means, should occur. We cannot have a leader that instead of acting Presidential and professional warms up to dictators, and, uses Twitter to assail others.

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I leave readers with this question. With the dissent of America, and, conservatives mostly to blame (generally the alt-right) what will be left in a year’s time once Trump assumes office and Vladamir Putin has now gotten the one thing he wants most: unprecedented access to America.

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