Man romantically involved with SHK at time of kidnapping comes forth

For many years it has been disputed as to whether or not SHK willingly went on his own accord with a documented criminal; mentally ill individual,  and someone who has no accountability for her actions. We’ve proved time and time again (most recently with leaked e-mails) that SHK did not willingly go with Julie Schmidt in September 2012.

At the time of his abduction,  SHK, was romantically involved with a man named Andre.  The two were frequent communicators and had solidified there plans to go on a wild adventure after high-school.

The two managed to keep in contact after SHK was taken against his will, and now, that same man has come forth once more to aid The Daily News in its quest to put Julie Schmidt behind bars once-and-for-all.

Collectively “Dre”, Dre, met SHK in 2011.  The two quickly hit it off, and, had made plans of their own to proceed with their lives after high school.  Less than a year into their relationship,  SHK, was kidnapped — whereas Dre says “I was worried. It isn’t like him to suddenly just vanish without a trace”.

Dre was right. Two weeks after SHK vanished from his family’s home, he, turned up  3,256 miles away hidden away in a trailer park in Mobile Alabama.   It was then that during “monitored” computer and internet time that SHK made contact with Dre to tell him he had been kidnapped.

“I need your help. I’ve been kidnapped, I don’t know where I am” read one text sent by SHK from a computer tablet he managed to salvage in his possession. Dre, took action almost instantly.

“I knew what I had to do.   I had ran to my manager that day and told him I had to run out of work early, that, it was a dire emergency. Before I could even get to the police station, SHK’s photo was already up on those Missing Persons boards. He had been declared missing by his family”.

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“I stayed in contact with him as much as I could. I could tell he was terrified. I was relieved when his family put up those missing persons posters, but I knew, that he was in danger”.

That danger, would happen when SHK was discovered to be in communication with Andre. At the time of communication,  SHK told Dre not only that he had been kidnapped that he “was being emotionally abused and called homophobic names and the N-Word”.

The revelations to the outside world infuriated Julie Schmidt, who later, threatened to kick him out and send him on his way after she had already went through the trouble to kidnap him from his home.

SHK & Andre are still very close today.  The Daily News is scheduled to air an entire interview with Andre this week as we continue with our push to have Julie arrested.

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