CIA: Russia DID help Trump, and now we’re investigating

And it looks like much of Washington is ready to turn against Donald Trump in the event of an investigation into just how far Vladamir Putin meddled in the US elections. According to the report released over the weekend, Russian hackers “directly meddled with the US election in favor of Donald Trump”.  Some say, perhaps, that the report indicates that much of the hub-bub over “nixed voting machines”and “altered votes” can be traced back to Russia.

The New York Times put together a piece on Russia’s relationship with Trump, and, how he will “become his own threat to American Democracy thanks to Russia and Putin”.  Donald Trump, however, denies that Russia had any play in his being elected to President, although, he still has to make it through December 19th.

Other pundits; political sites, and lawmakers in Washington are demanding that a full investigation be opened into Trump ‘s entire Russian connection.  Several members of Congress have reportedly indicated that an investigation will be opened despite a plea for Trump to prevent such.

Meanwhile, a federal judge in Michigan has blocked recount efforts in favor of Trump.


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