EXCLUSIVE: Why we ordered the release of Julie Schmidt ‘s e-mails

ATLANTA — Amid a criminal probe into the activities leading up to the 2012 abduction of SHK from his family’s home, and until now,  The Daily News has ordered the release of the harassing e-mails SHK received leading up to his abduction. The e-mails have not been redacted, and, are in full.

The e-mails are the first time that Julie Schmidt has in her own form been seen admitting that she was involved in the abduction of SHK.  The e-mails we have have been provided to the appropriate authorities, as, our quest to pursue criminal charges over the past three years is now coming to fruition.

We have chosen to release these e-mails because Julie Schmidt maintains that SHK agreed to go 3,000 miles away from anything he knew “to be with someone he loved and understood”.  SHK does not know Julie Schmidt to the extent in which she claims invalidating her claim that he went on his own accord.

As seen in the e-mails,  Julie, makes it very clear that if SHK does not go with her “his life is over”and “she will make sure that she turns his house upside down”.  This is the first time that we’ve released these e-mails, having do so, because the world needs to know how dangerous this woman really is.

These e-mails were archived following SHK ‘s escape from Julie’s captivity in Mobile Alabama. We preserved them in the event they required a release.

As seen in the e-mails, these came from Julie ‘s verified Yahoo address that she has used all over the web for many years.

There are several more including one that stated after he fled her captivity “Why don’t you understand? These men and these people only want from you, they don’t care for you. You’re going to end up with AIDS and die and nobody will be there to care for you because nobody cares except for me”.

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