Actress Sofia Vergara arrives at the annual Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony in Beverly Hills, California earlier this year – Image Credit – Getty Images/ AP

In the odd news department, this week’s top story comes from one Sofia Vergara. According to court documents obtained by The Daily News, Vergara, has been sued by her former hubby. Documents reportedly show that Vergara who has two active embryos that are currently frozen IN Louisiana with Nick Loeb, has, er, been sued for access to those embryos.

Loeb claims that by all means he should be the lawful father of those embryos and wants a federal judge to block Vergara from freezing those embryos indefinitely. The issue? For starters, they belong to Vergara.  Vergara and Loeb notably signed an agreement during their relationship that nothing ccan be done with the embryos without the explicit consent of the other party.

But, what the agreement didn’t state, perhaps, was what happens in the event of a break-up between the former television couple.   Loeb, denies that he is trying to take away the rights of Vergara and her own embryos, while others, see it as a money-play on behalf of Vergara’s former fiance.

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