Really bad news for Brad Pitt in custody battle with Angelina Jolie

The custody battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is only getting worse. According to reports,  Brad Pitt has now been denied an emergency request to apparently have records sealed in the case to prevent them from being leaked to the public.  An emergency hearing Wednesday turned in favor of Angelina Jolie, who according to reports, is trying to move her six children to London.

The judge in the hearing revoked a request from Pitt and his legal team to hide the records on grounds that there wasn’t sufficient enough reason to do so. Meanwhile, the custody agreement handed out by Jolie clearly spells out that Pitt may only have supervised and heavily monitored visits with his six children. In other news,  he has reportedly entered into agreements with CPS to undergo drug and alcohol tests at least four times a month to maintain even the slightest form of communication with his children.

The newly discovered details in the custody battle come amid further reports that Pitt, apparently, has caused Jolie to fear that he “will try and use his celebrity” to get around the legal process of a custody battle.  Interestingly, others deny such a thing, while others cite that all of this “is a carefully crafted ploy by Jolie to finally achieve that dream of working for the UN”.

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Amaral Jade
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