Julian Assange breaks his silence on those pesky rape allegations

Julian Assange may be most recently best regarded as one of the many people who helped Trump become US president, but, there’s something else he’s best known for at least in Europe. In recent years, Assange was accused of numerous sexual assaults that later landed him with revoked credit cards; a warrant for his arrest, and several c ourt hearings alleging he’s in-secret a dirty rapist.

The accuser who has never been fully identified claimed in court documents and maintains in court documents that Assange forced her into sexual intercourse and then made her undergo STD tests the next day. But in a 19 page document and a statement to The Guardian, Assange, maintains that the two had consensual sex and then willfully got tested together the next day.

“I want people to know the truth about how abusive this process has been,” he says, per the Guardian.

Perhaps where the discrepency begins is the fact that Assange maintains that they had consensual unprotected sex, but she, claims that they had protected sex — and then she woke up to find herself being penetrated without a condom against her consent.

In case the case against Assange couldn’t get anymore interesting, it does.   He maintains in documents that police forced the young woman to come forth with the rape allegations after she was questioned under intense pressure and scrutiny.

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