The Betsy DeVos that Trump doesn’t want you to know

Betsy DeVos is Trump’s cabinet pick for  Secretary of Education, and, there’s plentiful reason why Americans should be a little considered of such a thing.   DeVos, is for starters, a woman of extreme wealth and privilege.   Hailing from a wealthy political and Republican family in Michigan, she, also married into wealth.

Her husband, according to records, is the heir to the Amway fortune.   A woman of such extreme wealth likely wouldn’t understand the struggles some of America’s poorest students go through, and, the importance of why easily accessible school for such students is almost vital.

Yet, public schools and easily accessible education isn’t quite on DeVos’s agenda.  For the past thirty years,  DeVos and her husband, have donated abnormal amounts of money to private-and-charter school voucher programs in Michigan and across America. The DeVos clan believes that American students would fair much better in education if they were in private-and-charter schools.

But there’s an issue.  The approach to DeVos’s thoughts on private and charter schools makes her approach to such educational needs sound more like an epic effort to marginalize the education system in America further into the model of a business.

Over the past two decades, combing over DeVos’s donation records, she has donated to nearly all kinds of programs and voucher-programs that are ready to compete with and steal money from the public schools currently in America.  Under DeVos ‘s proposed plan, America would develop newer; more entrepreneurial style schools that would compete  with traditional schools for better educational standards and financial monies from the government.

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One of the biggest ailing parts of DeVos’s long proposed education plans sit within one sure fire problem.  While the proposed law between DeVos’s family and the education system would expand charter and private schools, it, would allow a terrifying number of organizations and politicians to gain complete control over public schools. So much control, but, there would be limited to almost no oversight over these charter and public schools if they were to be actually developed.

In a less than complicated manner, DeVos, would like to turn the education system in America into a for-profit system.  That alone, perhaps, should spook parents and students — considering how many “for-profit” colleges in America have gone under in recent years.

ITT Tech; The University of Phoenix (pending federal investigation), and numerous other for-profit colleges with similar sentiments towards education like Nancy DeVos have ultimately failed. But, to Trump, her track record means nothing. In Michigan, specifically Detroit,  DeVos’s attempts to change the efforts of the school system have largely failed.

Despite having spent millions over the past two decades, DeVos, hasn’t quite been successful in creating a sweeping voucher-program for entrepreneurial style schools.


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