Police have issued a dire warning for the discovery of a 36-year-old Czechian man believed to be responsible for the vicious slaying of a 26-year-old holiday worker.

Police say that the 26 year old woman worked as a reported seasonal holiday worker at Lapland whereas she took kids often to meet Santa.  This is where the horror began.

Seasonal workers are often drawn to the area due to the extreme arctic conditions that make the winter much more fun than usual.  The boyfriend has since reportedly been found.

A homicide occurred on Saturday morning. A 36-year-old man is suspected of having stabbed to death his 26-year-old girlfriend. Both of them were foreign seasonal workers.

‘After the deed, the man fled with their dogs,’ the statement said, adding that a Border Guard helicopter had been brought in to help with the manhunt. 
     A statement from Finnish police 

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