For the first time ever, every one of our executives is of colour 

As a predominately black owned business,  there has been much controversy over the reasoning behind why white people aren’t allowed assume positions higher than managerial staff.

Since 2007, white people have been indefinitely banned on obtaining positions higher than managerial editor (the editorial position below the manager who actually makes editorial calls).

This ban was put into place under the professional rule of Taylor Wallis, and, during the transition of power to Sultan Khan — it was decided that the ban would stay.

Originally the ban was put into place to prevent previously troubling workroom racism and op-eds by white people.  In our early days,  some of our op-eds were riddled with strongly worded sentiments towards people of color.

So it stayed.  And now,  every one of our highest paid executives across the boardroom; board of directors,  and top-level editorial staff is of colour and or African American (“Black”). 43% of our workforce is in some way young women of colour,  with the rest, being young men of colour either in college or pursuing their professional careers. 

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Sultan Khan & Amaral Jade
Sultan And Amaral Khan are respectively the Senior Editors and the Editor In Chief of The Daily News. The Khan's cover dozens of topics in their duties, and, serve over an editorial staff of 5. To contact Sultan Khan The Editor In Chief - Sultank91@icloud.comTo contact our newsroom: contact@bazaardaily.co.uk