EXCLUSIVE: DawgPoundUSA star “I Slept With The Pastor Mentioned in Those Articles” 

Nisbett pictured from his Facebook page. 
In case the case against Anthony Nisbett couldn’t get any wilder, it did Sunday night after a porn star from DawgPoundUSA found his way to one Starbucks on 5th avenue.

Dressed in a trendy urban outfit topped with a rather amusingly attractive face of facial hair,  “John” (his porn identity has been hidden to protect his identity) came forth with numerous text messages claiming he has had numerous sexual relations with the pastor we’ve written about this month.

That pastor,  Anthony Nisbett,  of the Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church,  was identified in many of the text messages that we have indeed confirmed to trace back to a mobile device belonging to Nisbett in New York City.

While we won’t entirely disclose the content of these text messages due to their extreme graphic nature, we will in fact,  disclose some of them that have been redacted but only in context.

“John” per his text messages first met Anthony over the summer.  The two met after “John” was secretly contacted by Anthony when his wife, Mary, was reportedly out of town.

This is where the relationship started.  The text messages (which we’ve traced back to a mobile phone belonging to A&M tax services “Nisbett’s home business”) started first back in late June, and, continued up until recently when Nisbett discovered he had begun to make the news.

“I need you to come to my church after hours and abuse my hole my nigga. I don’t need no bitch shit, take me and fuck my brains out. My wife is out of town and that dick is mine”  Anthony Nisbett to John on 27 June 2016 

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After redaction,  we maintain the right to publish the remaining text messages.  The same text messages that “John” says he decided to save in the event the truth about Anthony came out.

“I was in the studio on set and then someone had come to me with a laptop telling me that a local church pastor is in the news.  Unexpectedly, I discovered that it was Anthony, er, the same man I had already had penetrative sex with on a number of occasions”.

For clarification, John offered up this piece of information “I would often be invited around when he was alone to perform anal sex on him.  That was probably the only reason he ever really had me around. Beginning about a month ago, I had started to receive payments to keep quiet about his same-sex affair”.

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