7 of the wealthiest families in America

Wealth in America is no surprise, especially for these ten families.  With a rise in discussion surrounding income inequality, these families are probably unaware that most consider them part of the problem in America.

1. The Mars Family

Mars Candy Heiress Jaqueline Mars 

Chances are at some point in your life you’ve consumed a Mars candy product among other things. With an estimated net worth exceeding $85billion, The Mars Clan is one of the more private families inside America’s riches. The Mars clan also owns Pedigree dog food among other popular American products.

2.  The Hearst Family

The Hearst’s are probably considered journalism and publishing legends in large part.  For more than a century,  The Hearst’s have had their names on almost every major magazine and newspaper on the planet.  With an estimated net worth exceeding $20billion,  they’re often referenced as the supreme overlords of the publishing world (okay, maybe not… but they’re close to it!)

3. The Walton Family 

The Walton’s (not to be confused with the television show) are actually best known for something else: Wal-Mart. Many moons ago, one Sam Walton created the worlds largest retailer — and now the family has a net worth of $130billion.

4. The Koch Family

The Koch’s may not make the smartest comments when it comes to politics,  but when it comes to business — they’re brilliant.  With an estimated net worth of $82billion as of 2016, they’re the second wealthiest family in America.

5. The MacMillan Family

The agricultural dynasty of the century. The Cargill’s are an entirely privately owned family and corporation, so there exact net worth, is actually unknown. Descendants of one William Cargill,  they are largely considered one of the richest on earth.

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6. The Cox Family

You’ve probably heard of these guys before, after all, some of you in the Southern United States pay your cable bill to them.  The Cox Family owns in large one of the largest cable and entertainment companies in North America.  With their hands in radio; entertainment, television, and more — they’re considered royalty among cable companies.

7.  The Pritzker Family

The Pritzker Family largely is pretty unknown to many, until, one realizes which hotel they actually own: Hyatt perhaps.

This list was compiled in non-chronological order and is part of a series on extreme wealth in America.

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