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Donald Trump officially picks health secretary

Donald Trump has added another person to his cabinet. According to the AP, a Georgian Republican has made the cut for health secretary. The AP reports that 62-year-old Tom Price is set to become Trump’s health secretary after closed door discussions. Sources first revealed the news to The New York Times who further revealed that Price has spent the last six years to dismantle Obamacare. 

Price has significantly argued over the years that Obamacare interferes with the ability for patients and their doctors to make sound medical decisions without objection. Furthermore, Price has appeared (at least) to offer some alternatives to Obamacare. That means, that, Under Price, Obamacare would still be alive — but only in certain perspectives.  Of those elements that would remain, perhaps, that remains unknown. Trump and Price have both signaled that they’d like to remove the portion that fines people for refusing to get health insurance.

Price, represents many suburbs within Atlanta and is a promising orthopaedic surgeon.   Additionally, it has emerged that David H. Petraeus (yes, that David) is reportedly in the running to become Secretary of State.  

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