World divided after death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro

The talk of the weekend is a headline some had been waiting for for decades. Ly death of Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro, 90, finally occurred over the weekend after more than fifty years of rule over Cuba. Castro’ death was largely met by confusion in Cuba, after years of falsified reports and rumors of his actual death. 

When some residents learned that the sometimes betrothed leader and heinous human rights abuser had actually died, most, weren’t sure how to react. Some students in Havana tell The Daily News that “He will be remembered, he is still a Cuban icon despite what the Americans say.”

Others, perhaps, namely those in America aren’t so warm to his persons. Lawmakers and politicians notably Marco Rubio have slammed reports that Obama is will attend Castros’ funeral in Santiago on 4 December. 

Meanwhile, world leaders including one Canadian PM Justin Trudeau aren’t feeling the positivity after a literal warm ecology to Castro — which has now made him the brunt of some pretty funny internet jokes.

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