Julie Schmidt; SK, and why he says he fears for his life because of her 

Detractors have called him a traitor; an enemy, and even a monster. But whatever one chooses to call Sultan Khan, one, must give him the credit in which he surpasses.  This January, SK, celebrates 14 years in journalism — inching one year closer to his 20 year milestone.

But it hasn’t come without hardships and struggles. As one of the world’s youngest major newspaper editors, SK, has often been the target of smear campaigns and digital blackmail.  As of recent, videos captured during SK’s 2012 kidnapping have appeared online.

His captor, Julie Schmidt, has posted the videos online in an attempt to force SK to make contact and allow communication. Schmidt, to this day, is still not aware of what SK’s name actually is. 

The video was filmed by Julie Schmidt, who, forced SK. to go against his actual mother in a bid to feed into Schmidt’s mental illness. The video was shot one day before SK escaped captivity.

The video has never been seen before  by the public until now, because, Julie appears to be trying to make it look like SK willingly shot the video in question. Although very untrue, because, when SK fidgets like that he’s trying to tell those around him that he’s in danger.

SK developed a code when he was young using his arms. Holding both arms with his hands, rubbing them up-and-down, is his signal that something is wrong. 

In response to this, SK has amped up digital security and personal security. His biggest fear in his own words is “I sometimes feel like I’m going to end up dead. People like Julie are so obsessed with me it’s almost scary. I have to make sure that I’m safe when I leave my house”.

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SK has made it very clear that he has nothing to do with Julie Schmidt, although, she absolutely refuses to stop talking about him. Due to the growing concerns over his safety and this particular matter, this, is actually why our Twitter page was overtaken by a third party security agency we’ve now contracted to protect SK.

A this article is part of a series on SK himself and the last 10 years of struggle; harassment, and terrifying obsession at the hands of Julie Schmidt. 

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