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Famed photographer David Hamilton found dead in Paris

One of Britain’s most prestigious photographers has reportedly been found dead. According to French police, David Hamilton, was found dead in a Parisian residence Friday days after shocking allegations resurfaced once more.

Numerous girls. Per The Guardian, who famously worked with Hamilton throughout his career alleged in books among other mediums that they had been sexually assaulted and raped. Allegations that Hamilton viciously denied just last week, but, decidedly took his own life when they emerged once more. Hamilton was practically known for his fixation on young women; barely in their teenage years, blonde, and often pale skinned females.

It’s a horrifying tale when the very same women that made David the photographer he became, perhaps, are now the same women who will ultimately decide how he will be remembered. Hamilton, was often referred by parents in the beginning of his career, because, they often felt that there was no reason to be suspicious of a man wanting to photograph heir daughters nude — because he was a notable and famed photographer. 

Police officials tell The Daily News that calls were made to Hamilton’s private Paris residence where he, 83, was found surrounded by medication bottles. As of this writing, his death has been ruled a suicide. 

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