How The Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church let child rapists sit in on Sermons

Anthony Nisbett is pictured with an unidentified woman
NEW YORK — Roughly a week ago, The Daily News made it public information that popular NYC pastor Anthony Nisbett is under investigation.

The disclosure that he is under investigation for tax fraud; tax evasion,  and now reportedly immigration fraud — prompted two church members to come forward.

Their revelations surrounded one particular man who was allowed to sit within the church, even though he has a dark and horrifying past riddled with sexual molestation allegations in regards to minors.

The man, identified by the two church members, is, Randall Perkins.  Perkins,  after research conducted by The Daily News, had multiple convictions of raping a child.

One of the church members, a woman, came forth just two days after the publication of our original story confirming the authenticity of Perkin’s past.

She told The Daily News “Anthony did nothing. Perkin’s was involved with another woman in the church, and, despite his sinful past — nothing was done to prevent him from being around the church or children in the church”

She continued…

“Anthony is just as sick as Perkins.  He was caught on numerous occasions sending sexually explicit photos of his genitals to other men.  He no doubt is a shame to the African American church community and its members”. 

This article is part of a series on The Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church in New York City.  

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