Anthony Nisbett; a church, and a massive money laundering scam 

As more details continue to emerge about Anthony  Nisbett and the Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church , The Daily News has remained on top of its coverage of the troubled church establishment.

Earlier this month, we first reported of how Nisbett had become under investigation for tax evasion in New York City after city officials were alerted to our newspaper investigation. Massive cruise ships; several homes, and an unusual number of mortgages led to the opening of the investigation.

Next, we uncovered information indicating that Nisbett’s right to abode in America may not be such.  While Nisbett remains under investigation,  sources say he married a woman named Mary but they haven’t lived together entirely in more than 15 years. He allegedly used this marriage among other things as means to gain the right to enter the United States.

Property and rental records obtained by The Daily News match the name of Nisbett’s reported wife Mary.  Records indicate that for some time Mary has resided in the state of Georgia while Nisbett resides in New York City.

On Tuesday, calls were placed to the FBI turning over pertinent information indicating crimes on behalf of Anthony Nisbett.  The Daily News is scheduled to speak to an active church member on Saturday, who says, Anthony has amassed a fortune through his church and phoney businesses and “is not surprised it finally caught up with him”.

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