Sultan Khan discusses why he refuses interracial dating 

It’s the question of the decade, perhaps, that Sultan and even we are asked during events and in his presence. Why won’t one of the biggest names in British journalism romanticize someone who isn’t of colour?

It goes rather deep.  And, in his own words, here’s the response many have asked for in regards to this question…

“White men just aren’t interesting.  More often than not they like to fetishize me because I’m small,  and “unusual looking”. From experience,  it is never simple trying to talk to a white man (“it’s always something with them”).

“The truth is, is, I could honestly go on a date with a white man. However, the moment sexual relations are discussed the thought that I would be degrading myself (and lowering) myself to sleep with someone who looks nothing like me enters my mind”

He continues…

“Gay white men are usually druggies; weird dads mad that they can’t sexually abuse their own sins so they get the next best similar looking thing, I won’t do it to myself.  I’d much rather date an overweight black man before I ever let a white man take advantage of me”.

There have been rumours for years that Sultan is borderline racist.  While we have allowed him to discuss this here,  we are discussing options to overcome his inner hatred for causcasian men.

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