American white men are the new domestic terrorists: Op-Ed

Over the weekend, something so shocking and almost unheard of occurred: a woman confronted white men to their digital faces about the terror and often crimes that they commit (and then have the nerve to declare Christianity). The woman calls it “The National White Male Registry” in which she declares that “We have a problem and these are our own domestic terrorists”.

As unfortunate as it is this appears to be satire addressing a very serious biased matter in America.

Let’s dig deeper into some of the claims made (click link). The registry goes on to claim that an astonishingly high rate of rapes are committed by white men in modern day. This, per statistical records and historical archives, appears to be: TRUE.

This archived statistical report beginning in the 1990’s dutifully notes that 84% of rapists are white men. Targeting white on white crime, they often think that their actions and crimes are not illegal.

The registry further goes into detail suggesting that in whole white men are “domestic terrorists”.  In this event, we would also have to indicate that this is partially: TRUE.

With the rise of Donald Trump, white men across North America have practically declared war on anyone who doesn’t look like them. Recent articles, like this one, this one, and this one, have strong alt-right ties suggesting that white men especially those in power are just as the registry suggests: terrorists.

But let’s remember according to these same rapists; fear-mongering, white nationalists — racism doesn’t exist in America. 

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