Court Documents: Julie Schmidt involved in previous check writing scam 

ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA — Court documents dating back at least 15 years confirmed what most already knew about Julie Schmidt, she, has a criminal past.

According to sweeping Freedom of Information Act requests (which were granted) The Daily News was provided shocking documents on Julie Schmidt.

At some point the last,  documents note that Julie was involved in a check writing scam in the state of Florida with a woman named Megan.  At the time, Julie was indeed caught but ended up lying her way out of it claiming her civil rights had been violated because she is mentally ill.


In Leon & Schmidt vs of Tacoma, documents additionally obtained confirmed that once more Julie was caught in similar lies in her lawsuit against St Joseph’s Medical Center. It was largely determined that without precedent her case be dismissed on grounds of an absolute lie determined by the judge.

Third, in 1991;1992;1993,1995, and 2001 Julie Schmidt was lawfully regarded as mentally ill and unfit by the United States.  She is a documented mentally ill individual incapable of leading an ordinary life.  These documents alike others are up for public consumption.

These documents were provided to The Daily News from the Pierce County Courthouse.

Fourth, Julie has a documented past of extreme sexual relationships.   Court documents obtained related to her diagnosis note that she was deemed unfit partially due to her relationships,  and,  her chronic instability. 

Fifth,  she has reportedly had some 16 restraining orders and counting against her in the past 20 years. This is a red flag for most people.

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This article is part of an expose series on Julie Schmidt.  These articles were ordered as part of a joint project with The Seattle Times in which we used as a partner to aid in obtaining Freedom of Information act documents on Julie Schmidt. Our gratitude goes to the Times reporter who aided our reporting. 

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