Family member in case of Anthony Nisbett comes forward

NEW YORK —   Last week, we reported on a New York City man that is now under investigation by the state of New York for reported tax evasion and immigration fraud. New York State triggered an investigation after we turned over documents and pertinent information to authorities indicating widespread tax problems for one Anthony Nisbett. 
Anthony’s reported mother Romelda Seabrooks is pictured. Seabrooks, is believed to have taken part in Nisbett’s alleged crimes involving tax fraud and many of his reported property schemes. 

Initially, little information was known about the extent of Nisbett’s reported tax fraud. Further investigations and discussions with Nisbett’s family members, have, confirmed that his schemes extend far beyond the state of New York. 

Late last night, The Daily News made numerous phone calls to reported family members that we believe are related to Nisbett. After numerous voicemails, a number of calls were returned in which we received this statement from a particular family member.

In agreeance with their safety, we agreed not to identify them in this article in exchange for their story and comment regarding Nisbett and his reported financial crimes in the state of New York.

“He’s always been very shady with his business practices and with his church. He has lived quite the lavish lifestyle since preaching, and, only conveniently done so after becoming a pastor. It became apparent after a book keeper claimed that there were no tax returns that there was an internal problem at the Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church.  

“Anthony’s crimes extend into foreign regions. He recently sold a business in Australia related to a number of The fancy cruise ships that he secretly owned, and, then turned around started a new business in the same country. He has never legally registered in Australia, and, it’s not actually known how he managed to do so.

Continuing their exclamations on Nisbett…

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“He and his family members particularly some of the women have been involved in a number of crazy tax related crimes.   If the authorities are investigating Anthony, they need to round up Romelda; Loretta, and Erica and do the same that they’re doing to Anthomy  to those three.  Those three women are some of the most untrustworthy women I’ve known and it’s no surprise that Romelda’s son is involved in major national and international tax crimes”.

Following the phone chats, The Daily News dug deeper into some of the information and claims made by documents and law enforcement regarding Anthony.  Anthony, is believed to have illegally immigrated to America. By means of marriage fraud.  He, has reportedly taken out at least six different mortgages from at least five different banks across the state of New York.

New York officials say that these are elements of conspiracy to commit wire fraud; tax evasion, and property scams.  Our original reports have now triggered investigations by The Department of Homeland Security who now per anonymous sources close to customs and immigration officials say that Nisbett is now being reviewed internally to determine what and how exactly he managed to get into the United States.

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