New York pastor Anthony Nisbett under investigation for massive tax evasion scheme 

BROOKLYN — New York State officials have confirmed that a local Brooklyn man is under investigation for apparent tax fraud; property scams, and an apparent violation of the United States Immigration act. 

Anthony Nisbett, was born in Saint Kitts and Nevis an island country that remains under rule of the commonwealth, but, migrated to America conveniently only after he wed his wife Mary. 

The Daily News first learned of the reported crimes after a member of Nisbett’s church came forward revealing that she had gained access to Nisbett’s internal documents on a number of occasions. The woman, who will remain unidentified, released tax related documents and information to The Daily News citing that Nisbett has amassed a fortune by not paying taxes in the state of New York.

Property records and the like confirmed that Nisbett and his wife Mary have over the course of about 15 years — taken out just north of $500,000 in private mortgages with just over five different banks across New York City.

Nisbett first migrated to New York City just before the turn of the century according to authorities.  Police say that Nisbett reportedly owns cruise ships; numerous cars, several homes, and as of late reportedly sold  a cruise ship business in AU to start another in Australia. 

Authorities are investigating Nisbett over alleged tax evasion; misuse of his church to avoid civic duty, immigration fraud, among other alleged crimes in New York State. 

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