A look inside Peter Thiel’s top secret Silicon Valley company 

He’s the entitled goon that brought down Gawker, and now, thanks to Buzzfeed the world is getting an inside look at one of tech’s most private companies. Palantir Technologies was founded in 2004 by Thiel, mysteriously partially funded through the help of the CIA. 

THE COMPANY claims that it can harvest data and related information to help businesses with its overhaul growth and revenue stream. In 2015, the company was reportedly valued at nearly $20billion, just behind AirBnB and Uber. 

Reports of problematic issues in the office surfaced after Buzzfeed uncovered hundreds of internal memos related to the company. Some reported that Thiel was almost impossible to work with because of his spoiled attitude, while others, reported that Thiel was not as profitable as it was believed he was. 

Via Buzzfeed

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