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New emails: Clinton provided state secrets, classified emails to maid 

There’s a deepening new introduction into Clinton’s bizarre email scandal. Two days before the national election in the United States, Clinton, has been revealed in the latest emails to have illegally provided her maid state secrets. 

Emails reviewed by The Daily News revealed that Clinton often provided emails and emails containing state secrets to Marina Santos to print out for her to review at home. The revelation has sparked outrage among critics, who, argue now more than ever that this indicates strong corruption on Hillary’s own account. 

The situation became a little more interesting when it came to Clinton’s home, a place, also known as Whitehaven. Whitehaven, also contains a room in which is considered highly classified the very same room Santos frequently accessed but didn’t have clearance to do so.

Inside the sensitive room, emails; memos, and state secrets from previously released Presidential debriefs were present. 

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