Haleem Khan, life long Democrat, formally dumps Presidential party

After a life long term supporting Democratic values and efforts in America, Haleem Khan, has made a declaration that’s certain to ruffle a few feathers. After weeks of reviewing Podesta’s emails, Brazile’s cheating, and Clinton’s own pay for play problems — Haleem Khan is a Democratic supporter no more. 

“Political reporting in my newspapers has always remained pretty neutral and never one sided even though I’ve always been a Democrat (in the United States).  As someone who can vote in both England and America, my political perspectives were starkly the opposite of each other. In England, I am a conservative in America I was a Liberal Democrat. A political correlation that I had always held from the time I understood what politics were. 

But now, things are different. I have a firm understanding of what corruption is; wrongdoing, immoral political activities, all particular things wrong with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. As unfortunate as it is, #ImnotWithHer because she can’t be trusted and has been the cause of turmoil and death.

“The revelations that she knew the questions to the CNN presidential debate before they were asked were the final stones I needed to renounce my Democratic card. It is genuinely scary  that someone with that much power has been entrusted with so many secrets, perhaps, secrets that were knowingly exposed to foreign entities in the now exposed Podesta e-mails. I vote #LockHerUp”.

   – Sultan Haleem Khan on his presidential party support in the United States. 

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