Almost a decade into her harassment, federal judge weighing felony charges against Julie Schmidt 

LOS ANGELES — Almost a decade into her harassment; the entrapment of Sultan Khan, the aggravated stalking, and numerous other criminal acts — a federal judge has now agreed to review the case we have against Julie Schmidt. 

Earlier this year, Sultan, secretly took out a restraining order against Julie Schmidt that was only activated under certain laws and by the orders of a Superior Court judge in Florida to protect “the image Americans have now come to recognize”.  The order has been in place since at least May, although, was vacated earlier this month after it was relayed to The Daily News that after turning in ample evidence of criminal activity — felony charges are being weighed against Julie Schmidt.

Beginning with false imprisonment; aggravated kidnapping (text messages from the time of Sultan’s abduction proved evidence enough for a judge to rule in favor of the charge!), harassment, felony stalking, and criminal impersonation. 

Further updates will be regarded later this year upon a final determination of any if any charges against Julie Schmidt (also known as Julia Parsons; Lianna Parsons, Julie Gerhard, Olivia Parsons, Neya Rose-Schmidt, Neya Rose and numerous other fictions aliases she has used to commit criminal acts against others”..)

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