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Woman wins $43m at Casino, Casino stops her winnings 

It’s the worst nightmare of any gambler, and one New York woman, learned the hard way of how much control casinos actually have over how someone may win . Katrina Bookman, a resident of upstate New York decided to take a gamble at the Resorts World Casino.

Somewhere between settling in with her pals and playing one singular slot  machine, she, was later told by that very machine on screen that she had won $43.6m. Not so fast, however, because the casino quickly claimed that the machine malfunctioned. 

But Bookman isn’t buying it. The casino claims that that particular machine can only pay out up to $6,500 although a Bookman had presumably deposited large amounts of her own money into it. Bookman, has since lawyered up and intends to sue over claims that they took her money and if the machine really did malfunction — perhaps it should have never been on he floor to begin with. 

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