Hillary Clinton may have broke the federal false statements act 

At least according to documents obtained by the Daily News. Sources within the FBI close to Clinton’s newly developed email investigation have come forth revealing that she is also being investigated for another issue: breaking disclosure laws while Secretary of State. 

Documents show that, for example, in November 2011 Clinton failed to disclose an extra $400,000 in private gifts and jets to her husband from Ericckson. The same company reportedly paid an additional $500,000+ to get the former President to speak at their conference in Hong Kong that month. Now, this is where it gets interesting. 

The Federal False Statements Act is a pretty serious law that states as a top diplomat and government official Clinton was lawfully required to disclose any top gifts or financially profitable situations presented to either herself or her husband… she did not. 

Doug Band, a former aid to Bill Clinton revealed in a similar 2011 memo that was leaked online earlier this week of how Clinton’s business and personal affairs would often overlap with each other. 

‘In support of the President’s for-profit activity, we also have solicited and obtained, as appropriate, in-kind services for the President and his family – for personal travel, hospitality, vacation and the like,’ wrote Band in the Nov. 16, 2011 memo to attorneys conducting an internal review of the Clinton Foundation

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