Television star Tkeyah Crystal chats with Sultan Khan

SHES been on television for more than two decades, TKEYAH CRYSTAL is no stranger to Hollywood or goofy interviewers for that matter. In an exclusive one-on-one I caught up with Mrs Crystal for the first time.

1. You’ve been on television for more than twenty years, how had that changed your life?

Television is one thing fame is another. I’ve noticed in my own life rather than myself changing, others around me have changed. The perception of me by means of others seems like it’s based on what they kind of expect me to be.

An important lesson that I’ve learned about changing in television is that they often try to use others here to their advantage. I don’t know if people change as much as they expand when celebrity comes, success and money operate the same way.

2. The internet is going crazy that Raven Symone has rebooted That’s so Raven. What are your thoughts on this?

I love my television daughter greatly. I’m always happy for her and what’s she doing. I was so excited when she joined The View, she’s an incredible person and performer that makes me admire her for what she’s done with her career.

3. Rumors in tinsel town are swirling that you may be asked to return to That’s so a Raven

I would be honored. I would love the idea of being on there once more, and the most exciting thing is that we don’t see allot of blacks suburbanites. The new scenario of being a divorced mom of two and all the possible scenarios is really exciting.

4. What are you working on now?

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I have a live show Don’t Get me Started a little show about me ranting about everything I’m the world that makes me mad. I’ve sort of been reworking it with all of the newest campaigns in the political arena coming around. I’m hoping to debut it in Chicago towards the end of the year.

I’m also working on a number of short films. They were originally for a project that didn’t come through, but after looking over a production list I came a crossed a few new ideas. I am right now talking to some people about doing probably the first one over the holiday break.

5. This election is probably one of the most important in history. What are your thoughts? Who are you supporting?

None of the above. I’m actually supporting Jill Stein. I was living to KPFK, one of the few stations that actually acknowledge more than those two are running. It’s always interesting that I hear talk of the lesser than two evils, but they want to vote for the lesser rather than other candidates.

I’m black, and my life matters even if it doesn’t matter to allot of law enforcement officials and others. As much as we are dying, they’re also killing indigenous people on their own land by means of dogs; batons, and gas. They used a machine that seems like it would have microwaved them. Unfortunately, the only candidate that has actually talked about the reality of black lives matter; the environment, and the indigenous people fro, the beginning. Jill Stein is absolutely my choice for those reasons.

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If one of the “evils” others see in this election wins, it’s not going to be my fault, because I voted for another candidate.

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