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The Brexit Deal Nobody’s Heard Of

Unless of course you’re Nissam executives in Japan. According to newly leaked documents, the British government is under intense scrutiny today after it was revealed that several members of the government gave a “backdoor deal” to the Japanese auto maker.

The deal was reportedly set in Nissan’s Sunderland plant in the U.K. and keep business running as usual for the automaker. The issue? According to US reports, the same deal by British ministers was not offered to other American makers like Ford — whom are now demanding equal deals for each of the world’s biggest car makers.

Lawmakers authorized to speak on the situation revealed to Bazaar Daily News that the move was perpetuated by Business Secretary Greg Clark.  Clark, reportedly flew to Japan amid the national fear of a Brexit fall out to ensure Nissan that its business would remain the same.

While direct details of the deal are unknown, whatever it was, happened to save 7,000 jobs at the Sunderland plant and is expected to save an additional 55,000 jobs as time goes on.

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