Here’s what it means for life at Bill Clinton Inc

They’re hands down some of the wealthiest people on earth, and, recent revelations from Wikileaks have revealed that most of that wealth appears to come from a number of unethical practices. New reports out Wednesday reveal that “Bill a Clinton Inc” is yet another stronghold in the political superpowers that are within the Clinton Foundation.

First reported by The Washington Post, a memo distributed by Douglas Band apparently revealed that he and his company Teneo reportedly helped at some point or another in securing $150m in donations to The Clinton foundation. Furthermore, Band’s memo revealed that he often double dipped working for Clinton leading a secondary position often securing speaking gigs for Clinton that often carried million dollar paydays.

Other memos released today as a result of Wikileaks revealed even more pay to play situations with The Clinton Family, except, this time, it involved Bill directly. According to the memo, between 2004 and 2010 Coca Cola reportedly gave $4m to the foundation and was granted access to the former American president at his home.


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