AT&T busted in top secret government spying program


Looks like AT&T has some explaining to do.  According to government documents unearthed this week, the telecom giant in America has been helping the US government spy on its cell phone users since at least 2007.

According to what we’ve learned, the program, is called Hemisphere.  Hemisphere has been used by law enforcement agents across America to target; track, and keep trillions of records on everyday Americans since at least the summer of 2007.

The program was first created amid the national drug crisis in America, but, the issue sits with the fact that per secretive documents AT&T has apparently made millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars from the secret spy program.

Earlier this year, the Electronic Frontier Foundation reportedly sued the Drug Enforcement Agency and the California attorney general forcing them to in full reveal any and all cooperation with the hemisphere program.

AT&T firmly denied requests for comment citing the top secret nature of the hemisphere program.

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